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Protect Yourself from Hackers

In a digitized world reaching anyone around the globe is an effortless task, which brings along a risk of cyber hack.
The risk less connectivity to the internet is becoming a real challenge to every business and that is where DIGISECUR can help their partners in achieving a secure risk free connectivity.
Recognizing the risk and taking adverse measures in time is now a need of businesses.


Are you ready?

Is your IT infrastructure protected against cyber hacks? The answer lies in the penetration test. We will perform a rigorous test of your IT infrastructure to identify and mitigate all the loopholes.

Protect Yourself

DIGISECUR – Your IT Security Partner

We are an IT security company with core expertise in penetration testing. Our team consists of highly qualified IT security professionals with deep experience in penetration testing. We take pride in our employee’s skills; all of our security consultants are highly certified security professionals and follow the offensive security approach.

We provide our services to all business segments and industry groups. Whether you are active with Big Data, Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Mobile or Social Networks, digitalization has become an integral part of everyday aspect of human being and one key to successful adaptation of digitalization is to avoid the risk related to hacking and data theft.


We offer a combination of years of leadership experience combined with specialized technical know-how and the ability to access complex environments quickly and effectively.

Deep Analysis

We provide an in-depth security evaluation, which includes detailed analysis of the  target using a combination of extensive manual methods, real attack scenarios and zero-day vulnerabilities.


We are vendor independent and specialize in recommending specific measures that are tried and tested, to result in a significant improvement of IT Security in your organization.

Our Services

We provide you with solutions to effectively review your IT security. Our penetration tests will uncover security vulnerabilities in the following areas:


1. Preparation

In preparation phase we discuss expectations, objectives, legal and organizational aspects of the penetration test.

This also includes defining test period, method and target systems.

2. Information Gathering

By aggregating all the information we create an infrastructure and application level security posture of all the target systems.

We then assess the risks of potential vulnerabilities and determine a promising and efficient approach.

3. Active Tests

By performing active tests, we point out how a presumed vulnerability poses a real risk.

These tests will be executed by us with the necessary due care to prevent any system failure.

4. Results & Recommendations

Our final report gives you a comprehensive description of our approach and an evaluation of all vulnerabilities found on your system, ordered by its risk.

We discuss concrete recommendations and support you throughout the inspection process.

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